polyaluminium chloride
polyaluminium chloride


Tianya Chemical is a manufacturer and supplier of polyaluminium chloride, we supply different grades of polyaluminium chloride for customers’ different applications.

Roller drying polyaluminium chloride is different from spray drying polyaluminium chloride in appearance, use effect and specific product indicators. Roller drying polyaluminium chloride can be divided into:

(1) Natural precipitation type polyaluminium chloride: it refers to the method of natural precipitation in the primary and secondary sedimentation tanks without human factors.

(2) Plate and frame filter press type polyaluminium chloride: this process is filtered by plate and frame filter press, so that all indexes of produced polyaluminium chloride is better than those of natural precipitation type.

Spray drying polyaluminium chloride:

The characteristics of pressure spray drying are mainly determined by the working principle of pressure atomizer, which makes this drying system have its own characteristics. Since the products obtained by pressure spray drying are porous particles or hollow particles, the granular products obtained by pressure spray drying, mostly for the purpose of obtaining granular products, have excellent dust prevention performance and flow performance.

The comprehensive characteristics are as follows:

Compared with other coagulants, polyaluminium chloride has the following advantages: wide application range and wide adaptability to water. Easy to quickly form large flakes, with good precipitation performance. The suitable pH range is wide, and the decrease in pH and alkalinity of the treated water is small. When the water temperature is low, a stable sedimentation effect can still be maintained. The alkalinity is higher than other aluminum salts and iron salts, and the Erosion effect on equipment is small.