Production Process Flow of Sodium Bicarbonate
Production Process Flow of Sodium Bicarbonate

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The production methods of Sodium Bicarbonate include synthesis method, double decomposition method, and natural alkali method. Let’s introduce detailed production and manufacturing methods of Sodium Bicarbonate now.

1. Synthesis method

The synthesis method is also known as soda ash method or soda ash carbonization method. At present, most of the production and manufacturing equipment for Synthesis method Sodium Bicarbonate in China is basically built with supporting facilities for soda ash equipment, which facilitates the immediate use of high-temperature soda ash from the entire process calcination system software to accelerate the entire process of mother vaporization of soda ash, and to provide caustic soda solution for practical operation afterwards. In order to ensure sufficient decomposition of excessive NaHCO3 in the hydrolysis solution and reduce the occurrence of NaHCO3 crystal blockage during the entire transportation process of caustic soda solution, it is necessary to maintain a high raw material temperature throughout the entire operation process. Therefore, the synthesis method is often referred to as a high-temperature alkali production process.

2. Complex decomposition method

Sodium bicarbonate was produced by double decomposition of raw salt and Ammonium bicarbonate, and the best processing standard was determined through orthogonal test: the Molar mass of sodium chloride in aqueous solution was 25%, the reaction speed was 1h, the reaction temperature was 30 ℃, and n (NaCl)/n (NH4HCO3) was 1.5; And based on the single factor experiment, the hazard regularity of each factor was investigated. This production process does not cause three wastes or environmental pollution, and is one of the effective ways to utilize the rich and colorful natural raw salt resources.

3. Natural alkali method

The natural alkali method, also known as the natural alkali carbonization method, has abundant and colorful natural alkali resources in China. The carbonization (strictly speaking, it should be called carbonation) method Sodium bicarbonate is one of the specific natural alkali production processes in China. The production and manufacturing Sodium bicarbonate by the natural alkali carbonization method has a crucial influence in China.

Natural alkali is dissolved in a caustic soda tank with mixed water. After reaction and slag discharge, the clear solution is sent to an internal filter for filtration to obtain a specially prepared edible alkali. The specially prepared edible alkali is sent to a carbonation tower, and carbonation reaction is carried out using cleaned carbon dioxide gas (lime kiln gas can also be used). The gas-liquid reaction is converted into sodium bicarbonate crystals, and the dissolved sodium bicarbonate crystals and hydrolysate are sent together to a centrifugal separator for separation, In addition, the hydrolysate brought in from the crystallization room is washed away by hand from the fuselage. The dehydrated filter cake (wet Sodium bicarbonate) contains about 8% of water, and is sent to the warm air Drying tube. The cyclone drying is carried out with warm air at a temperature of 130~140 ℃. The dried baking soda is gathered into the storage bin through the cyclone separator, and commercial Sodium bicarbonate is obtained.