Sodium Metabisulfite In Jeans Washing

As a manufacturer of sodium metabisulfite in China, during the past years Tianya Chemical is supplying sodium metabisulfite to many denim companies in the world with a large quantity, especially the major production countries of jeans and denim such as Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

Sodium metabisulfite is used for jeans washing in denim industry with good effects:

Fading effect: Sodium metabisulfite can undergo an oxidation-reduction reaction with indigo dyes in denim, making the surface color of denim lighter and achieving a fading effect. This effect has a wide range of applications in the washing water of denim clothing.

Softness: Sodium metabisulfite can react with cellulose in denim, making it soft and smooth, improving wearing comfort.

Wrinkle resistance: Sodium metabisulfite can undergo cross-linking reaction with cellulose in denim, increasing the wrinkle resistance of denim and making denim clothing more durable.

Antibacterial properties: Sodium metabisulfite has certain antibacterial properties, which can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria and make denim clothing more hygienic and healthy.