According to the relevant provisions of the Regulations on the Administration of Feed and Feed Additives, the Ministry of Agriculture of PRC has reviewed the applicant’s applications for supplementing the Catalogue of Feed Raw Materials and expanding the scope of application of feed additive sodium metabisulfite. The announcement is as follows.

1. Supplement coenzyme Q10 residue into the Feed Raw Material Catalogue, number: 12.3.4. Feature description: Solid byproducts produced by fermentation of coenzyme Q10 using mainly raw materials composed of glucose, corn syrup, inorganic salts, etc., and similar red blood bacteria. The bacterial body should be inactivated and dried. This product is limited to the use of animal feed only. Mandatory labeling requirements: crude protein, crude ash, ammonium salt, moisture.

2. Add coenzyme Q10 residue to Part 4 of the Feed Raw Material Catalogue, “Single Feed Variety.”.

3. Expanding the scope of application of feed additive sodium metabisulfite to pigs, the maximum limit in pig formula feed is 0.25%, and the quality standard is temporarily implemented in accordance with the National Food Safety Standard for Food Additives Sodium Metabisulfite (GB 1886.7-2015).

The above revision opinions shall be implemented from the date of this announcement. When handling relevant administrative approvals, supervision and law enforcement matters, feed management departments at all levels shall refer to this announcement for any feed raw materials and feed additives mentioned above.

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