Current Situation of China Sodium Metabisulfite Export
Current Situation of China Sodium Metabisulfite Export

1. Current Situation of China Sodium Metabisulfite Export

China is the world’s largest producer of sodium metabisulfite, accounting for over 60% of the global production. In recent years, the export volume of sodium metabisulfite from China has been increasing year by year, becoming one of the important export countries in the world. According to data from General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China, the export volume of sodium metabisulfite from China has continued to grow in recent years, especially in 2019, reaching a historical peak of 276,300 tons. With the gradual recovery of the global economy, it is expected that China’s export of sodium metabisulfite will continue to maintain a growth trend in the future.

2. Prospects for the Export of Sodium Metabisulfite from China

Global Market Demand Continues to Grow

With the recovery of the global economy, the demand for chemical products in various countries is constantly increasing. As an important chemical raw material, the demand for sodium metabisulfite will also increase. Especially in developed countries such as Europe and North America, there is a high demand for food grade sodium metabisulfite. Therefore, the future export market of sodium metabisulfite in China still has broad development space.

Technological Innovation Enhances Product Competitiveness

At present, some domestic enterprises in China have started technological innovation and product upgrading, developing high-quality and high value-added sodium metabisulfite products. This will make Chinese sodium metabisulfite more competitive in the international market and further expand its export market share. As the market-leading manufacturer and supplier of Sodium Metabisulfite products in China, Qingdao Tianya Chemical Co., Ltd supplies top quality Sodium Metabisulfite by advanced production equipments, our sodium metabisulfite products are with whiter color and gentle odor, which is welcomed by worldwide clients, our products are supplied for wide application fields such as food, denim, mining, water treatment, etc.

3. Challenges Faced by China Sodium Metabisulfite Export

Increased Environmental Pressure

With the continuous improvement of global environmental awareness, countries have increasingly strict environmental requirements for chemical products. Therefore, domestic enterprises need to strengthen environmental investment and adopt more environmentally friendly production processes and technologies to meet the environmental requirements of the international market.

Risks of International Trade Friction

Currently, the international trade situation is complex and ever-changing, and the risk of trade friction between countries is constantly increasing. Therefore, domestic enterprises need to strengthen their analysis of the international trade situation and actively respond to potential trade frictions.