Application of Caustic Soda

1. Paper making

Caustic soda plays an important role in papermaking, as it can be used for cooking and bleaching paper pages, as well as for producing paper coatings and fillers.

2. Soap making industry

Soap making is one of the main uses of caustic soda. By reacting sodium hydroxide with oil, soap can be made. Meanwhile, caustic soda can also be used to make various soap products and detergents, such as soap and facial cleansers.

3. Textile field

Caustic soda is an important bleaching agent in the textile industry, which can be used to bleach fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool, making them more white and clean. Meanwhile, caustic soda can also be used for peeling cocoons and dyeing silk.

4. Detergent

Caustic soda is used to produce detergents, where sodium hydroxide can neutralize excess sulfuric acid and be used to clean kitchens, bathrooms, and other surfaces. Caustic soda can also be used to clean pipelines, but safety precautions need to be taken.

5. Refined petroleum

Refining petroleum requires washing and washing with caustic soda solution, followed by water washing to refine the product.

6. Metallurgical Industry

Caustic soda is mainly used in the metallurgical industry to prepare electrolytic materials for aluminum, and can also be used to produce other metals such as palladium and copper.

7. Chemical industry

Caustic soda is widely used in the chemical industry to produce various chemicals, such as synthetic fibers, plastics, resins, rubber, etc. In addition, caustic soda can also be used to produce chemicals such as chlorine gas, aluminum chloride, nitric acid, etc.

8. Electroplating

Caustic soda acts as a conductor in electroplating as an electroplating solution.

9. Ceramics

Caustic soda, as a diluent for ceramics, can make the ceramic surface smoother, and after cleaning, it can make the ceramic surface smoother.

10. Tungsten smelting

Caustic soda acts as a reducing agent in tungsten smelting and can also react with acids to produce sodium tungstate and tungsten.

11. Printing and dyeing

Caustic soda is mainly used in printing and dyeing with vat dyes and quinone dyes, which can make dyeing more uniform and also remove some wax and oil, increasing the mercerized color of the fabric.

12. Wastewater removal

The purpose of caustic soda in wastewater treatment is to regulate the pH value of water, neutralize wastewater, and promote the regeneration of ion exchange resins. By precipitation, heavy metal ions in water are eliminated, thereby achieving wastewater treatment and resource recycling.

13. Disinfection

The main use of caustic soda in disinfection is to denature the protein of the virus, thereby effectively killing the virus. This use has been widely used in the wine industry. Meanwhile, caustic soda is also used to clean and disinfect the surface of bottles to prevent the spread of viruses inside the bottles. Therefore, caustic soda has important application value in the field of disinfection.

14. Sodium hypochlorite bleaching agent

The main function of caustic soda in bleach is to react with sodium hydroxide, which can remove stains on clothing, skin, and other objects. When making wine bottles, sodium hypochlorite can be used to clean and disinfect utensils, thereby maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the container. In addition, sodium hypochlorite can also be used for textile bleaching to remove stains on fabrics. In short, sodium hypochlorite is one of the main uses of bleach, which can effectively remove stains on objects and maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

15. Pharmaceutical field

Caustic soda can be used in the pharmaceutical field to manufacture drugs, such as aspirin, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and other drugs. In addition, caustic soda can also be used to manufacture medical supplies such as lotions and disinfectants, providing assistance for people’s lives and work.

16. Tanning Industry

Leather making is one of the main uses of caustic soda. By mixing caustic soda with sodium sulfide aqueous solution, soaking treatment and adding lime powder soaking treatment, skin fibers can be prepared. The use of caustic soda can enable the recycling of tannery waste ash solution and improve the quality of leather fibers through the addition of sodium hydroxide.

17. Water treatment

Caustic soda has the following uses in treating water: 1). As an alkaline agent for neutralization reactions, it can neutralize the acidity of acids. 2). As a decolorizing agent in water treatment, it can remove colors from water. 3). As an alkaline cleaner, it can neutralize the alkalinity of soap and remove oil from the skin. 4. Used for boiler water treatment, it can adjust the acidity and alkalinity of water and protect equipment. 5). As a chemical raw material, it can be used to produce other chemical products.

18. Food sector

Caustic soda is mainly used in the food industry to regulate the acidity and alkalinity of food, making it more suitable for human digestion.

19. As an alkaline medium and neutralizer

Caustic soda acts as a neutralizer in alkaline media and can also be used to neutralize acidic substances.

20. Vat dyes

The role of caustic soda in reducing dyes is to provide a reducing agent, which helps dye coloring while also removing insoluble impurities.

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